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895 West Monument Road, Tombstone

Welcome to the Apache Spirit Ranch

The Ranch

Breath-taking views of the surrounding mountains, 272 acres of unspoiled land and a guest ranch designed like an Old Western town from the year 1881… Welcome to the Apache Spirit Ranch!

We invite you to experience the vacation of a lifetime: Go on a trail ride to explore the area, sit at the campfire and listen to live music or take a walk to the monument of Tombstone's founder Ed Schieffelin. The Apache Spirit Ranch offers you an all-inclusive vacation that features accommodation, all meals, riding activities and ranch entertainment.

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Wild West Feeling

If you have always dreamed of experiencing the Wild West, this is your chance to let it come true. No other guest ranch is located in an area with this much history!

A Unique Place

We are located two miles Northwest of Tombstone, the legendary Wild West town where the famous gunfights between Wyatt Earp, Doc Holiday, the Clantons and McLaurys took place.

In the vastness of the desert, where the Apaches once fought against the “Palefaces”, the spirit of the Native Americans is still palpable. Right here in the south-east of Arizona you'll find our guest ranch under a name which couldn't be more suitable.

Stay where cowboys and Indians used to fight, feel the spirit of the Apaches, breathe the air of the Wild West.

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Horseback Riding

Riding with the Horses

Riding out into the endless expanse of the Apache Spirit Ranch is an unforgettable experience.
Our friendly Western horses, mostly Quarter Horses, Paints and Appaloosas, are all eager to whisk you off into the Wild West.

One of the highlights is a ride through the dried out rivers or washes with the warm sun setting behind you. This unique and wondrous feature can be experienced everyday.

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Ranch Entertainment

Stagecoach Ride

Start your day with a cowboy coffee at the campfire, go on a trail ride or just relax at the pool.
Enjoy your evening with live music, a drink in our Old Trappmann Saloon or learn how to play poker.

We offer an array of different and varying activities to our guests.

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Fine Western Food

We offer a selection of culinary delights. Juicy steaks, fresh fish and the finest desserts. All freshly prepared by our chef in the professional kitchen. A mixture of American and Mexican cuisine, accompanied by fine wine awaits to delight your taste buds.
Then lives on to the neighboring Old Trappmann Saloon, an original Wild West tavern, serving up various Western specialties. Unwind at the long bar at the end of an action packed day and share your Wild West experiences with others, perhaps over a round of pool.

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We are looking forward to welcome you at our ranch soon!

Your Apache Spirit Ranch Team

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You can always do something here, learn something new, have fun, enjoy lots of quiet moments around the campfire and ultimate relaxation.

Angelika & Albert Hunklinger