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895 West Monument Road, Tombstone
Anti Burnout Seminar

Get Your Power Back on the Apache Spirit Ranch

Resilience and Burnout Prevention from 02/09 – 02/23/2013

Main Street of the Ranch
Pure Nature
Riding on Horses

Disappearing behind the curtain for a moment
gives you the power for new performances!


Hotel — Lodging, Full Board
incl. non-alcoholic beverages
incl. trips (without entrance fees)
incl. tax and service charge
incl. horseback riding (extra charge for training)
Single Room: 2,198 € p.Pers.
Double Room: 1,650 € p.Pers.
Flight: ca. 850 € from Munich*
Workshop: 2,150 €
incl. script and training documents.

Management Training
Huber + Partner

Training, Business Mediation,
Coaching, Facilitation
Roseggerstr. 46
82229 Seefeld

Arizona Sunset

The Topics

Burn vs. burnout
Burnout is different than its reputation
— Recognize burnouts
— The 12 stages of burnout prevention

Crisis as an opportunity
Get out stronger and learn from a crisis

Master your conflicts
— Power game in the office
— Taming of difficult people
— Bullying etc.

Resilience as a survival concept

Resources are everywhere

My individual
Burnout Prevention Program

The secret behind “motivation”

Can you learn to be happy?
Pleasure instead of frustration!

My personal life compass
— Who or what am I?
— What makes me happy?
— My ideal life

I do it — Now!!

The Supporting Program

Cowboy Coffee in the morning

Various Excursions
into the Dragoon Mountains
to Bisbee
or to the Old Tucson Studios

Shooting at the O.K. Corral
in the Western Town Tombstone

Entertainment Program

Riding with our wonderful ranch horses
accompanied by the Cowboys

Reflection in spirituality of the Indians

Campfire romance
with BBQ and entertainment

Saloon time
Poker, playing billiard and much more!

Why exactly in Arizona?

Anti Burnout Program

Arizona shows me the deep blue of the horizon as close as I can ever access it. Rocky, sharp-edged mountains draw curves and strips in the dry, dusty country. Small oases of colorful, lush green flora blur swab into the landscape, that is so uniquely “everything”. It is the surrounding silence that will capture me. Traditions and almost forgotten cultures are my companion and give respiration to my stunted inspiration.
The starlit sky lets me feel my teensy-weensy meaning in the universe each and every night. And at the warming light of a campfire I'll give my inner pictures a new meaning: Clean up! I'll need to use my senses to understand what “everything” is. Because Arizona is like a blooming cactus with perls of morning dew on the leaves, and its roots are fed into unfathomable depth of life.
“To be what is” means, when I get back I'll just find all that again. “To open up myself” means I will bring back something that extends the known. And when I look in my old bathroom mirror I want to see the real me.

Be on top without burning out. We see us on the Apache Spirit Ranch!

Further Information

Note: The participation requires physical and mental health. This workshop is neither a therapy nor a treatment. Please understand that the whole seminar will be held in German.
More Details: (PDF file, in German) for more information on the seminar.

* The flight starts at Munich Airport (Germany) and includes airport transfer from Tucson to the Apache Spirit Ranch. The arrival is on 02/09/2013, return trip on 02/23/2013.

Just contact us if you have any questions or need assistance.

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Thank you so much for the wonderful vacation on the ranch. We can highly recommend it to anyone. We'll come back for sure!

Marianne & Manfred Fild